The Sobering Up Shelter

**** The Sobering Up Shelter has followed its pattern of previous years with numbers dependant on the season. In the dry the numbers decrease rapidly where as in the wet when it is uncomfortable to be sleeping outdoors the numbers increase. Last December and January we had to put mattresses on the floor however during the dry we have had some evenings with no clients. The clients come into the shelter have a light meal, shower and go to bed. While they are sleeping their clothes are washed and dried ready for the morning. Police referrals take priority as the purpose of the shelter is to prevent intoxicated people having to spend the night in custody for being under the influence.

There has been a turnover of staff this year with two staff members relocating to one of our other services.  The Sobering Up Shelter has been granted funding for a refurbishment, Chris is working with Housing and Works on this project. The outer perimeter fence is one of the items that was on the list. The Centre is used during the day for programs and in-house staff training. The Board of Directors meet monthly at the Shelter.


Chris Casey    Manager        Katrina Bambra Careworker
Carmel Grant    Careworker    Dean Williams Gardener
John McIntosh Careworker    Vacancy—Male Careworker   


Katrina Bambra John McIntosh
Dean Williams Carmel Grant 
Chris Casey Vacancy
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